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          Academic Teams & Clubs
           /  Academic Teams & Clubs

          Academic Teams & Clubs

          >>Speech Team

          Our Speech Team competes in a school-wide competition and then the winners advance to ACSI Speech Meet and compete against other Christian schools. They also compete in a public school competition hosted by the Friends of Forensics and present their own original speeches. For more information please contact mrs.orr@wcss.org.

          >>Math Team

          Our Math Team competes in several local competitions with Christian and public schools. Our teams traditionally do very well in both Math and Speech and have brought home many awards and accolades in addition to new-found pride and confidence.

          >>7th & 8th Grade Girls Bible Study

          Every Wednesday at lunch, 7th and 8th grade girls get together to study God’s Word! Learn more about how the Gospel can change the way you handle conflict with friends, interact with family members, & make big decisions! We will pray together, play games, & make new friends. MORE INFO

          >>7th & 8th Grade Boys Bible Study

          Every other Wednesday at lunchtime, meet in Mr. Doerksen’s room to study “Becoming a Young Man of God” by Ken Rawson. MORE INFO

          >>Board Game Club

          Join your classmates in Mrs. Wright’s room during lunch every Monday for fun & games! MORE INFO

          >>Cheer Team

          Come show your school spirit and be a part of our Cheer Team! MORE INFO

          >>Yearbook Club

          More information coming soon about Creative Writing Club, Need a Friend Club, and Study Club! 🙂

          Elementary School

          Woodcrest Christian Day School
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          Office Hours:
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          Middle & High School

          Woodcrest Christian School
          18401 Van Buren Blvd
          Riverside, CA 92508

          (951) 780-2010

          Office Hours:
          M-F: 8:00am - 3:30pm

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